Introducing the Condensator ~ a supplementary carburetor that sucks the sludge out of your engine and pre-cleans your fuel for improved performance, and longer engine life...

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  • From a very satisfied Customer

Thank you for your time you spent explaining the installation of the condensator to me. Please find attached pictures of how installation was done. As you may notice, I used standard plumbing fitting from the plumbing supply and MAP gas to solder them together. Here is the outcome immediately after installation:

1. Less vibration
2. Quieter operation.
3. Great idle. Even because I could never understand why my idle was rough.
4. Acceleration is like that of the carburated vehicle.
5. Fuel consumption is 18 mpg while before I had 15 mpg. In fact on the way to my destination.  I was operating at 13 mpg. But on the way back from there, after installation, I was operating at 18 mpg at high speeds over 200 miles distance.
6. I bought screwed up fuel from a dishonest gas station and I noticed immediate problems because of that fuel: loud operation, rough sound. I noticed immediate flow of the sludge into the jars, while before there was hardly anything coming out. I can tell that Condensator is saving my engine from the dishonest gas station operators. I am working separately on the fuel quality issue with corporate headquarters of the gas company; they were specifically impressed with my statement that I noticed the sludge from the crankcase immediately after I bought their fuel. I guess that condensator is not the gas station's friend, because one can see immediately the poor quality stuff dripping down into the jar. I guess, this is the same reason while we cannot buy octane testers freely.

I also learned that 6.2l diesel insists on having at least 50 cetane fuel. However, the gas station don't know what it is, or choose to say so.

Anyway, the truck drives like a new vehicle, behaves like one, accelerates like a car (I don't have to let every tractor pass me), is very pleasant without a turbo. Gas mileage is great (I was at the gas station and in no time the pump stopped. I think that at normal speeds and with quality fuel I will be getting at least 20 mpg on my old diesel. And of course the oil and oil filter will last me much longer.

Bryan, this is a great product!!! I am an automotive engineer and I am not going to waste my time thinking of why any of the big three don't use them. What do I care? I have mine and I am going to get more of them from you. While I could make them myself, I am not going to do it; it's not worth my time and I am going to recuperate the investment very quickly.

  • Snap-on Tools
    Bart Douglass
    Authorized Dealer
    Boise, Idaho, USA

    Since we installed the Condensator on my Snap-On Tool truck, the change in gas mileage was a surprise.  I really was skeptical at first, then, after the first week my mileage was increased from 5.9 per gallon to 8.4.  That was a 42% increase!  Now I only fill up twice a week instead of three times.  With each fill up averaging $35.00 you can imagine the savings:  about $120.00 per month.
    Thank you again for your sale, I'd recommend the Condensator to anyone who wants to reduce their gas bill.

  • Federation & DeFord Contracting Ltd.
    Anthony DeFord, President
    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

    This letter is to express our total satisfaction with the performance of your Condensators.
    We installed one Condensator on our newly model F800 dump truck.  We also installed one on a model F150 pick-up truck that had a considerable amount of mileage on it.
    During the month of June and July we kept our mileage and fuel consumption for these two units along with two identical units in our fleet without these Condensators.  After comparing the figures we are able to say that the two units with the Condensators had a 4 to 6 mils per gallon better performance.
    After taking this in consideration, plus seeing all the sludge in the glass jar which didn't get to the engine we can safely say that we are happy with the Condensators and would recommend them to anyone who is interested in installing one.

  • State of Arizona, USA
    Vehicle Inspection Report

    The following reports are the results of tests conducted on a new Dodge van fitted with regulation crankcase/exhaust emission control system.
    The first test was conducted with zero mileage on the vehicle.  A CONDENSATOR SUPPLEMENTARY CARBURETOR was installed on the vehicle's engine and then driven a total of 14,000 miles over the next month, it's tail pipe emissions were again recorded at the same inspection station.


    Hydrocarbons at Cruise were reduced from 51 p.p.m. to 24 p.p.m., a reduction of 52.94%.
    Hydrocarbons at Final Idle were reduced from 19 p.p.m. to 15 p.p.m., a reduction of 21.5%.
    Carbon Monoxide at Cruise was reduced from .03% to .02%, a reduction of 33 1/3%.
    Carbon Monoxide at Final Idle in both cases remained constant at .02%.

  • North Canadian White Truck Sales Ltd.
    Darryl Jones
    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

    I am writing this letter to express my satisfaction with your product "THE CONDENSATOR".
    After having the engine properly tuned, I had a Condensator installed on my motor home.  I recently returned from Florida, having traveled over 7,000 miles with my new Condensator.
    I noticed an increase in power as well as improved gas mileage.  The mileage went from 10 miles per gallon to 12.5 miles per gallon.  That was engine.  this was seen from the deposits left in the jar.
    In closing, I would like to say that I would highly recommend your product to all.

  • NRG Management International Inc.
    Richard Farnsworth
    Boise, Idaho, USA

    I'm sure you have had many testimonials, but I wanted to add my recommendation for this remarkable product.
    As you know I had a Condensator installed on my Honda and since that time there has been a noticeable difference in engine performance as I experienced more power.  My gas mileage has increased 8 miles per gallon, which results in a 28.5% savings in harmful emissions have been reduced a great deal.  I say this because I see the heavier hydrocarbons separating and building up in my collector.
    Your Condensator is a great product - more power, more gas mileage, less emissions, plus a longer engine life I'm sure.  I plan to purchase another Condensator for my other vehicle.
    I wish you success with your marketing efforts.  Once installed, the Condensator will speak for itself.